Drawing Tablets with Screen

Drawing tablets with screens combine the best of both worlds for designers and digital artists. They allow you to sketch, just like you would with paper and pen. But you also have access to powerful digital software. Plus, you get the flexibility to work with ease without using a computer screen.

These drawing tablets with a screen used to be more expensive. So, only professional artists and designers could afford a digital drawing tablet with a monitor. The good news is that they are now available at affordable prices. It’s possible for anyone to own an excellent drawing tablet with a screen.

Here’s my roundup of the best drawing tablets with a screen on the market right now! I’ll also share my tips on how to choose the best tablet for graphic design.

Wacom Cintiq 16 Drawing Tablet

If you have a little more money to spend, you could consider grabbing the Wacom Cintiq instead. This nifty drawing tablet offers all the features you get from the Wacom One. It also has a larger 16-inch screen, giving you more space to sketch and create. You can draw in vivid, bright colors on this generous screen, thanks to the 16.7 million colors bit.

There are lots of other useful features like the ergonomic pen design. The crystal-clear clarity makes this drawing tablet stand out from other models. The Wacom Cintiq also provides superior sensitivity with 8192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity and a Full HD display.

I also like the Anti-Glare display, as it gives you the freedom to work from anywhere. The Wacom Cintiq is a superb drawing tablet with a screen. It sets you up for creative success, all without breaking the bank.

Wacom One Digital Drawing Tablet

The Wacom One is one of the most popular drawing tablet with screen among artists and designers. It’s portable, high-quality, and responsive. And as a bonus, it’s also reasonably priced.

The Wacom One drawing tablet comes with an incredible pen that’s comfortable to hold. It doesn’t need batteries and feels just like a real pen. This model also comes with the latest smart software. This allows you to change the pressure, type of brush, and color according to your needs. It’s very versatile and suitable for all sorts of artwork.

It also offers great compatibility with most operating systems, of which of course macOS and Windows. You can even link it up to your smartphone if necessary. These factors combine to make the Wacom One an excellent choice for all creative people.


Not everyone has a huge budget, and there’s the right drawing tablet out there for everyone. The GAOMON PD1161 is a fantastic example of a low-cost drawing monitor with a screen. Despite the low price, you still get 11.2 inches to work on. It also offers all the basics you need to get started with digital drawing.

Your artwork will look great thanks to the 1920 x 1080 high-resolution screen. The latest tilt technology also enhances pen pressure sensitivity. This feature allows you to work freely and naturally. Plus, you won’t need to recharge the pen or stock it with batteries. It works via electromagnetic resonance technology, so your drawing time is limitless!

You can even program the tablet with customizable shortcuts to streamline your workflow. Despite the low price, GAOMON has created a truly impressive product with this tablet!