Dinner Sets

A dinner set gives an elegant look to our dining area when compared to mixed plates, mugs, and utensils. However, many people tend to think that dinnerware sets are for the rich only, and that is the common misconception of people.

But throughout the years, the use of dinnerware became more widespread, and a lot of Indian households are now using it because it is much convenient and better to look at.

So the bottom line is dinnerware provides a better and much satisfying dining experience to every household. There are multiple unique dinner sets to choose from, brands offer color varieties too. Many families choose white dinnerware set, but with changing trends, many are opting for modern sets as well. The best dinner set offers both design and stability.


If you’re clumsy and looking for break-free dinnerware, then LaOpalacan serve as your perfect choice. This microwave resistant dinner set brand is considered one of the finest due to its milky white glaze and extremely elegant design. The opal dinnerware is feather light and extremely durable. It is said to be resistant to scratches and comes in multi-coloured designs.

2.Joy Home

Are you too lazy to have separate utensils for serving, storing and heating your food? Joy Home brings to you a plastic dinner set brand that can be used safely in refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher as well as the microwave. This lightweight and easy to clean dinnerware is crafted using food grade plastic material curated out of virgin reinforced polypropylene. It is available in different colours and can even be used for gifting purposes.


A get together or a special family dinner can be made special with this lovely bone-ash free dinner set brand. Cello’s opal ware is made of ceramic. It’s break and bacteria resistant, as well as non-porous. Never fail to impress your guests with an elegant and graceful table-scape adorned with this premium dinnerware which boasts of thermal shock resistance and is suitable for everyday use.