Best Rice Cookers

Rice is a simple ingredient that forms the backbone of so many dishes across the globe, from spicy jambalaya and comforting congee to sabzi polo with its crispy crust. But no matter what recipe you’re making, your grains should be perfectly prepared. That’s where a rice cooker comes in.

While cooking rice on the stovetop is fine, a quality rice cooker eliminates the effort and guesswork involved in making batches. That’s right—no more babysitting the stove and still getting starchy, undercooked mush or crunchy, half-done grains. From single-button basics ideal for rushed weeknight dinners to computerized machines that can cook every grain under the sun, there are devices out there that make cooking perfectly prepared rice easier and speedier than ever. 

Panasonic SR-942D 10-Litre Automatic Rice Cooker

You can dismiss all your extra work as you unwind with a glass of wine, while your tedious chawal is taken care of with this very reliable rice cooker by Panasonic. This cooker promises you uniform cooking throughout with its double heating coil so that your next sticky rice masterpiece isn’t burnt on one side.

Kent – 16012 Rice and Steam Cooker

We picked this rice cooker so you can make your next Ranveer Brar-inspired biryani, soups, momos, and even steam those vegetables to perfection. This rice cooker enables you to cook two dishes at the same time – how cool is that?

Panasonic SR-Y18FHSAutomatic Electric Cooker

As this cooker features an auto cooking option, you can carry on with other kitchen tasks while your rice gets cooked. It integrates a unique steaming basket. The Panasonic SR Y18FHS electric cooker is also suitable for making steamed fish or vegetables. You can enjoy piping hot food during your mealtime as this cooker keeps food warm for up to four hours after it has been cooked. Moreover, you can easily clean this cooker, making it easy to maintain.