Best Kitchen Racks

For some, the best part of washing dishes by hand is seeing every plate, utensil, and glass drying because it means you’ve finished the job.

But whether you love or hate this chore, have a dishwasher or not (remember, not all your dishes are dishwasher safe!), you need a good dish rack that can dry your dishes and won’t leave puddles of water all over your countertop. After all, you will likely use it every day. And if you have limited drying space on your counters, having one that can sit in the sink or easily collapse and be hidden away may keep you from wringing your dishpan hands.

We set out to find the best dish drying rack for your kitchen—big or small—and over several weeks tested 10 of the most popular racks on the market to determine the top performers. Whether you have lots of counter space, none to spare, or just prefer a clutter-free space, our favorites, such as the Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Dish Rack and the PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack are exactly what you need.

Steel Frame Dish Rack

In Good Housekeeping Cleaning Lab tests, this dish rack was an all-around winner, because it was easy to assemble, sturdy, had excellent capacity, and drained well from two separate sides, says Forte. 

Large White Antimicrobial Dish Drainer

hough there’s nothing fancy about this utilitarian pick, these drainers do the job. “We use these in our Good Housekeeping Cleaning Lab dish detergent tests to hold all of our dirty dishes before we wash them

Good Grips Folding Stainless Steel Dish Rack

If you’re working in a small kitchen, you’ll love this option. It conveniently folds for easy storage, so you can reclaim any lost counter space as soon as your dishes have dried. Despite it’s size, it’s fully functional, holding up to 12 plates with room to spare for bowls, cooking tools, and more.