Best Electric Hand Dryers

Wouldn’t it be great if a simple act of drying hands after washing can prevent cutting down of trees, reduce global warming, and save our environment? A hand dryer makes it possible.

An automatic hand dryer does away with the need for using paper towels or tissue papers. Thus, it contributes to the saving of trees and helps in maintaining our planet greener and sustainable.  

It provides a fast and efficient way of drying your hands.  As it uses warmer air for drying the hands, it also sanitizes them.

It helps in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of the washroom with its non-touch and contact-less functionality. 

Allextreme Hand Dryer

The Allextreme hand dryer automatic sensor has got multiple benefits in a single machine. It is an advanced, modern, and ideal hand hygiene appliance with superb durability and easy installation and operations.

This product is specially designed to consume less time and provide the best results.

Dolphy Hand Dryer

The Dolphy automatic jet hand dryer is super fast in nature and provides excellent results. It can be installed in colleges, malls, theatres, and offices.

It protects hands against environmental bacteria through its special antibacterial feature. It has an electric shock safeguard that provides you resistance against shocks.

Excel Hand Dryer

The Excel Xlerator series is the first high-speed hand dryer launched in the market and high quality. This is the USA made product which is backed by a 5-year extreme warranty.

It also has an ECO model available for the consumers. This is the second generation of this dryer. The product is thermally protected, and gentle heat is provided through a long-life NiChrome heating element.