Best Dry Iron In India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Dry Iron In India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for the Best Dry Iron in India 2021? You are in the right place. we’ve included 3 best dry irons along with their Buying GuideRatingsPros-Cons, and FAQs to help you find the right one for you.

Crisp and wrinkle-free clothes add more to your faith and personality. They elevate your appearance and make you look clean and competent. So an Iron is what you would have at home to iron your clothes whenever you want. These iron boxes are tiny, handy and strong to wear crisp iron clothes off your morning blues.

1. Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron

Bajaj DX 7 is a dry iron made in India with 1000 watts of performance. The iron is exceptionally light with 790 grams of weight and has a practical design to reach the corners with its narrow tip at the front. With 1000 watts of operation, the iron box comes with a safety thermal fuse to prevent energy hazards, electric shocks, electrical mishaps, and more.

The iron is safe for your clothes with its non-stick coated soleplate, which glides smoothly over the fabric, giving you a smooth, crisp ironing. It won’t stick or burn the fabric, even at higher temperatures with its non-stick coating. It has an added safety feature of a dual indicator system, which glows red when the soleplate heats up and green when the iron is ready to use.

2. Orpat OEI 187 1200-Watt Dry Iron

Orpat OEI 187 is a 1200 watt dry iron. Dry iron heats up quickly with powerful power and is cast with sole technology. Quick warm-up and cast on the sole offer faster and more even warm-up. The iron works exceptionally well with uniform heating technology along with a 15% larger sole.

The iron has a German-grade non-stick coating on its soleplate to offer a harmless ironing to your delicate clothes and fabric as well. The nonstick coating is also scratch resistant for a long and productive life and also provides better slip on fabrics. For an excellent ironing experience, the iron has a narrow point to reach tight corners of clothes and an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip handle.

3. Philips HI114 1000-Watt Golden American Heritage Soleplate Dry Iron

The Philips HI114 Golden American Heritage Dry Iron Iron is a 1000 watt iron with American Heritage soleplate. The sole is non-stick and gold-plated, which glides well over fabrics for smooth and hassle-free ironing. The iron has efficient performance with faster and more uniform heating.

Philips HI114 has a streamlined design with a narrow tip and a lightweight body. The body makes your ironing experience more comfortable and effective. The narrow tip reaches into difficult areas like buttons, pockets and more to offer a complete ironing to your clothes and its fine closures. It also has a sleek design and a sleek white body made of shockproof plastic.

Buying Guide – What To Look Before Buying a Dry Iron?

Here is a list of key factors that can guide you and help you buy the best dry iron in India.

  1. Energy consumption
  2. Sole Type
  3. Cable length
  4. Auto power off
  5. Variable temperature

You may be familiar with most of the factors mentioned above, but the importance of considering each factor is given below.

1. Energy consumption: iron boxes consume energy. To be simple, they consume comparatively more energy than other devices. However, today the technology has been developed so much that we have models that come with comparatively lower power consumption than other types of dry iron. It is very important that you select two or more products to compare the characteristics, the energy consumption and then buy the product with the lowest energy consumption.

2. Type of sole: Most people may not be familiar with the term sole. It is the part that is heated and used to iron the fabrics. Soles are an important part of a dry iron. An iron box can come with any of the three types of soles.

  1. Non-stick
  2. Ceramic
  3. Aluminum

When buying a dry iron, always keep in mind that the best and most efficient soleplate is ceramic and then the non-stick, and the least efficient is aluminum. You may be wondering why. Aluminum soles could be efficient for quite some time, however over time the efficiency decreases and the fabrics will start to adhere to the sole, thus destroying the fabrics.

3. Cable length: Not all dry irons on the market come with a power cable of the same length. They may differ depending on the length of the power cord. Yes, the length of the power cable connected to a dry iron is very important, sometimes the power supply plug would not be available near the ironing board or table and if the cable length is too short, please access the power supply could get very messy and messy. Therefore, check the specifications and make sure that the length of the power cord that comes built into the dry iron is a suitable length that can meet your needs.

4. Automatic shutdown and variable temperature control: Never consider buying a dry iron that comes without these two features. We know that the iron box will not be used only to iron a single type of fabric. To iron different types of fabrics, the iron box will have to deliver different temperatures, to deliver different temperatures, it is necessary to have a variable temperature control. On the other hand, once the temperature is reached, the device should stop the heating process, that’s why you should look for a dry iron with built-in automatic shutdown function.