Baby Cradles

Babies enjoy sleeping in snug and warm spaces that move gently, as it is said to create an experience similar to that of a womb. That is perhaps why a lot of people use baby cradles, which offer a comfortable way to soothe the baby to sound sleep. They are designed to provide a safe and cozy environment with a smooth swinging action.

If you want to know more about baby cradles, keep reading as we tell you about the safety tips for using a baby cradle, along with a list of the 11 best baby cradles that you can get online.

Zura Baby Cradle with Mosquito Net and Spring Set

The Zura baby cradle is designed to bridge the transition from your tummy to a crib. It is made of high-quality cotton fabric with siliconized Recron fillings. The mosquito net and spring set that you get with the cradle create an ambience similar to that of the womb, making the baby comfortable. This is suitable for one to two-year-old babies and is available in two color options of blue and pink. The dimensions of the cradle are 140(L)x110(B)x60(H)cm.

BabyGo Baby Cradle Cot and Stroller

The BabyGo cradle can be used as a swing and a stroller. It has a chrome coating for a stylish look and a set of four wheels that are easy to install and detach. You can just rest your baby in the cradle and sway them to sleep. It is a compact cradle cum stroller measuring 90(L)x60(B)x10(H)cm. The blue stroller is suitable for babies below 18 months.

VParents Infant Baby Swing Cradle

The VParents is an emerging baby accessories brand in India that designs products with the baby’s safety and comfort in mind. This cradle is a blend of Indian traditional essence and modern design. It is equipped with a soft cushion bed, mosquito net, and a spring set. This is recommended for babies aged up to six months and available in five different attractive prints.